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When you think about aging, what are you afraid of?

· think positive,nothing to fear,positive projection,it's just a number

Ask most people, and they’ll tell you that cancer, heart and other physical diseases take a distant second to their fear of serious mental decline. But the facts support that many older folks do not experience any decline in their mental ability - and according to the MacArther Foundation Study of Successful Aging, about 20% of people in their nineties have no cognitive impairment whatsoever.

In fact, as baby boomers significantly add to the older population, dementia rates are falling.

It turns out the fear of aging - our stories around it, and self-ageism - how some of us discount our future selves while mourning our younger selves, don’t jibe with the data.

We do have some control over our future selves. We can stay fit, active and engaged in life and not let the fear of things unknown slow us down. The next time you think negatively about aging, remind yourself that there’s no value in it whatsoever… or let it guide how you live… it’s up to you.