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What the Covid is going on?

Twelve weeks into our quarantine, and I’m feeling pretty steady about the change of life we all have adopted. We’re both healthy and hopeful… just missing our kids like crazy.

On a day-to-day basis, fortunately, LaVonne and I have two floors so that our home offices have enough separation to effectively work - although since we’re both coaches and a therapist, and concurrently on Zoom calls, we’re constantly monitoring our volume… which is not a bad thing. We’re so grateful to have the work, especially because we seem more needed now, than ever before.

I go to the market once or twice a week and that’s pretty much it for getting out, other than my daily bike rides. I was thankful for cycling prior to Covid, now so, even more. I take longer rides on the weekends, when I get to see big swaths of Seattle. I was out for four hours (50 miles) on Saturday and saw a lot of kids in the parks playing basketball, baseball, as if nothing has changed.

We had our first warm weekend of the year, and social distancing has fallen behind people’s need to get out and play. The shot of Alki Beach in the banner above was taken from our bedroom deck - just another summer-like day… not many masks and not a lot of space between folks. I guess it doesn’t matter that we had 231 more cases in Seattle today, and 14 more folks died - bringing our total dead to almost 1000.

It’s disappointing, but not surprising that people seem not to care about the impact their actions may have on others.

As an executive coach, that’s a running theme with a lot of my clients. People are so subjective. They can’t seem to think outside of what they want, and they let their stories and biases lead them through life unaware of how much harm they may be causing others. And as I work through coaching to open their eyes to it, I also work internally to not dwell on the disappointment. Just the opposite, I focus even more on my little microcosm of the world, with the intent of making a positive impact. And I admit, it’s not always easy.

But I can’t stop looking for the good. The streets of West Seattle have come alive with families walking and biking together - and although a lot of us wear masks and distance, it seems like most of the locals greet each other more than ever… and more warmly than “normal”… which really helps a lot.

We’re working hard on not just putting up with the current situation, we’re seeking out opportunities to laugh, learn and grow. We remind each other that life is short and how grateful we are to be healthy. We just miss our kids, family and friends. Thank goodness for Zoom.

I took a break from writing this blog for awhile - but I’m back, and I’m not going anywhere. Literally.