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Our stories are all the same... 

· change,fearing change,changeisopportunity

All of our stories, whether about age, what you can or can’t do, who you perceive yourself to be… they’re all about the same thing, change. Because none of us tell stories about how we’ve always been the same.

The irony of change being the only constant… and concurrently a widely feared concept, completely dumbfounds me. Change is opportunity and opportunity is something favorable or good. Yet through my corporate coaching practice, I’ve seen more resistance than acceptance toward change.

Is that because the status quo is so perfect and rewarding? Not.

Maybe it’s just the fear of something other than what we’re used to. Whatever it is, I’ve sure seen how limiting it can be.

Maybe when we feel fear about change we should look at where we are now and say to ourselves, “Is this it… is the best life has to offer?”